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My Booty!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Designed by David Wang and published by David Wang Studio (DWS), My Booty! was one of the games being demonstrated at this year's UK Games Expo by Mozi Games. It's a pirate-themed action game where players need to think and react fast.

Players (2–4) each have their own set of large wooden pirate-themed tokens: a red cutlass, a yellow helm wheel, a blue barrel, a grey cannon and a green anchor. Players lay their tokens out in a row. Each turn, cards are turned over and players race to push forward the tokens that correspond to those shown on the cards - matching either the three shapes displayed or the three colours. Special cards call for different actions: a shark, for example, requires players to race to stack their 5 tokens; a pirate reverses the matching rule so that the tokens to be pushed forward must either be the those with non-corresponding colours or those with non-matching shapes. It is these switches that demand mental agility on the part of the players.

If you've ever played Jacques Zeimet's Geistesblitz (aka Ghost Blitz) (999 Games/Devir), you'll recognise obvious similarities. In Ghost Blitz, of course, players are grabbing objects from the single set in the centre of the table, but the core recognition and response mechanic is very similar. Each game has its own distinct charm but the difference between pushing your own tokens and grabbing objects in the centre of the table makes My Booty! feel less aggressive than its predecessor.

My Booty! is designed for children from around 5 and up, and it makes for a lively and enjoyable family game. You'll find that it's one of those games where quick-thinking children could well do better than their parents.

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