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Rock Band

Rock Band is a simple set collection card game for children designed by Théo Riviere and published by Djeco, where the 2-4 players are racing to be the first to assemble a band of four penguin musicians: a drummer, a guitarist, a keyboard player and a singer.

Because the musicians are all penguins, you recruit them by supplying them with their preferred fish. Each musician card shows the variety of fish they require: just one for the guitarist, two for the drummer and keyboard player, and three for the singer.

There's a display showing the available musicians, so one of each kind will always be available. There's also a display of three fish cards. On your turn, you take a fish card from the display and place it in front of you. When you have the requisite combination of fishes needed to claim one of the musicians you trade in those fish for the musician and add the penguin to your rock band line-up.

Aside from the four different varieties of fish there are a couple of octopus cards that count as wilds and a couple of fishing rod cards that let you steal a fish that another player has in front of them. That is the game's only 'take that' interaction, tho' you can frustrate another player by snapping up the musician they were hoping to collect; the next one in the pile will probably require a different combination of fish.

This game benefits from the bright and colourful artwork of Erica Salcedo. The rules suggests an age range of 4-10 but we'd recommend Rock Band primarily for those at the younger end of that range: a 10-15 minute set collection game that will particularly appeal to children of nursery and infant school age.

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