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Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter represents a series of card games designed by Kedric Winks, originally published in 2014 by Fancy Squid Games. Shown here on Board's Eye View are the Spirits, Vampires and Monsters editions, all published by Cheatwell Games and Outset Media. These are all essentially the same game, tho' each has different artwork from Augustinas Raginskis appropriate to each game's theme, and card names and special effects also differ between each version. The games are designed so you can mix and match them, combining decks either in part or in their entirety.

The cards in each deck are numbered (1-12 in Vampires, 1-11 in Monsters, and 0-10 in Spirits) but with several cards numbered with infinity. Some of the number cards and all of the infinity cards have text on them that shows their special effect. The 2-6 players each start with an 'Exit' row in front of them of two face-up and three face-down cards. These are to be drawn into your hand when the draw deck is exhausted, with the game ending when any player's Exit row is empty. It's worth noting tho' that some of the special effects can take cards from an Exit row.

Players start with a hand of three cards and if you end your turn with fewer than three cards you draw back up to three. On your turn, you either play a card that matches or is higher than the card on the central stack or you pick up the entire stack and add it to your hand. You can play more than one card if you have a set (multiple cards of the same number) or a run (consecutively higher numbers) and if you play three cards on your turn then you get to 'capture' the stack (ie: add it to your score pile). When the game ends, you score for the captured cards but you score negative points for cards in your hand.

Tho' the rules are simple and there's inevitably luck over the cards you draw, Ghost Hunter offers opportunity for tactical play, including over when and how to profit from your infinity cards. When you are unable or choose not to play and so pick up the stack and add it to your hand, you are likely to be setting yourself up to be able to play sets and runs on subsequent turns, so racking up cards for your 'capture' pile. Timing is critical, however, as you certainly don't want to be caught with a big hand of cards when the game ends...

Ghost Hunter plays quickly (10-20 minutes with a single deck; longer if you combine two or more decks in their entirety) so it makes for a fast, fun filler.

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