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Yummy Kitty

Designed by María Alcarez, with cute art by Oksana Vrzhesnevska, and published by PIF Games, Yummy Kitty is a light set collection card game for 2-5 players where, as in Hanabi (AbacusSpiele), it's only your opponents who can see the face of your cards.

The draw pile and the hand of four cards you are dealt at the start of the game are 'food side up' and so cat side down. You never know what cats are in your own hand but you can see which cats are in your opponents' hands as well as the cost in food to lure them to you. On your turn, you either draw two cards and add them to your hand or you spend food from your hand to meet the cost of luring a cat from another player. Lured cats go into your 'feeder' (tableau) - with a separate 'colony' (stack) for each breed of cat, and each breed scoring differently at the end of the game.

Cats lured to your tableau are safe from being lured away by other players but if a mouse card tops the draw deck after a player has taken drawn cards into their hand then the lowest value card in each player's feeder runs after it into the discard pile. If you draw a yarn ball, you can as your turn action play it to your tableau to 'distract' your cats from chasing after mice.

Tho' it will probably be initially counterintuitive for players not to peek at the cards in their own hand, Yummy Kitty is otherwise easy to play, and children and adults alike get a kick out of luring the cats they are collecting to boost the size of their colonies of each breed. If you're playing with three or more, there's a card that gives you protection from having a cat lured from your hand if you've previously just lost one in this way. The game also incorporates a 'dog variant' that adds a push-your-luck element to the game. With the dog cards in play, when you lure a cat from a player you must also take any and all of the dogs they have in their hand. At the end of the game, the player with the most dogs loses a point; or you can play that a point is lost for every dog you have. We especially enjoyed this variant when we played Yummy Kitty with a full complement of five players.

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