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This is a simple but captivating set collection card game for two players from Piatnik and Outset Media. It uses brightly coloured cards but the cards have a different colour on each side. The game uses a stand, formed within the box, to hold the deck of cards vertically so that each player can only see the colour of the cards facing them as they draw three cards into their hand.

On your turn you play a card from your hand to a central tableau. You can play a second card on your turn (and a third) but when you play your second and third cards you are required to flip one of the cards that's already in the tableau. Your aim is to have six cards with no duplicate colours (except that you can duplicate any multicoloured rainbow cards). When a player achieves this, they take the cards and add them to their score pile. However, if at any point you play or flip a card that duplicates a colour in the tableau, your opponent wins all the cards. Likewise if you play or flip a grey raincloud card.

Mathias Spaan's design makes this an intuitively easy game to play. There's obviously a strong push-your-luck element but there's more to it than that because players can each see the reverse side of their opponent's cards. This makes it possible to lay a 'trap' for your opponent through the cards you play. And because you are flipping cards, there's a strong memory element too.

This all makes for a fun, visually pleasing family game that plays in no more than 15 minutes. There's a symbol on each card that can be used by any players who suffer from CVD (colour vision deficiency) to distinguish between different colours. That's a nice gesture but, to be honest, Rainbow is probably not a game for the colourblind.

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