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Tinderblox is a short, sweet, simple small-box dexterity game from Alley Cat Games where the 2-6 players are adding various wooden blocks to a campfire construction. Given the theme, we were amused to learn that the designer's name is Rob Sparks.

There's no shortage of course of stacking games but the USP of this game is that players have to use the supplied plastic tweezers rather than their fingers. The specific combos of blocks you have to add to the fire are indicated on cards, and some cards require you to operate the tweezers in your non-dominant hand. Drop a block or dislodge one from those already piled onto the campfire and you're eliminated from the game, with the win going to last player left in.

This all makes for an entertaining game that all the family can play in just 5-10 minutes. It comes in a small tin box and its compact packaging makes it an ideal travel game that you can easily pack to take on your holidays. It doesn't require much table space but we wouldn't, however, recommend trying to play on an airline seatback tray table - especially if there's any turbulence.

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