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The Mercury

Alan R Moon's Ticket to Ride (Days of Wonder) is one of the most successful board games of modern times. It's already spawned more than a dozen geographic expansions and we're increasingly seeing cut-down localised/souvenir editions themed around individual cities. The game has literally millions of fans. Many are very satisfied with the game and its components but what of those with an itch to upgrade...? Wouldn't it be nice if all those miniature plastic trains weren't all the same?

It's a question that's been asked and answered by The Little Plastic Train Company. Coming down the track are sets of miniature trains based on specific locomotives. Each comes in a mint-sized tin box, designed to slot into the plastic tray in your TTR board game box: and they could be just what you need to inject more character into your game.

Shown here on Board's Eye View is The Mercury - a preview of just one of the locomotives that will be included when the Kickstarter arrives in April. We'll add a link to the KS campaign when it goes live.

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