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Something Wild!

Something Wild! isn't a single game but an entire range of small-box, easy-to-play family friendly card games from Funko Games. The range currently stretches to 17 titles and counting, with each set incorporating a mini Funko Pop figure. They draw on various IPs, including the Disney, Marvel and Star Wars franchises, so there are almost certainly going to be some sets in the range that appeal to your family.

The basic game is the same in all versions of Something Wild! There'll be a deck of cards numbered 1-9 in five colours (suits). These will be decorated with Funko Pop versions of characters tied to the IP. There'll also be a deck of 10 Power cards. The 2-4 players each have a hand of three cards and, on your turn, you draw a card and play a card to your individual tableau. If you play a card matching the colour of the currently active Power card, or if the card you play displays the set's Funko Pop figure ('Baby Yoda' Grogu in The Mandolorian version of the game) you take the figure. Whoever has the figure can make use on their turn of the displayed Power card or any Power cards they've previously won. Power cards have various effects but they can include being able to form a set other than in the usual way (for example, treating a particular numbered card as wild).

You're playing cards to your tableau with the objective of forming three-card sets (three of a kind or a run of cards in the same colour). Every time you form a set, you collect the currently active Power card. The game is won by the first player to collect three Power cards. That's pretty much the rules in their entirety, except that players can only ever end their turn with a maximum of five cards in their tableau, so you have to discard a card from the tableau if you reach that limit.

Tho' the rules are simple, the Prospero Hall design team have come up with a fast and appealing game that can be played and enjoyed by all the family. The Funko Pop figures go back and forth between the player, and you'll find children get especially excited at being able to nab the figure. The Power cards vary between the various Something Wild! editions, and the iconography showing the powers isn't always crystal clear in every set, so when a new Power card comes into play you may need initially to check against the rules sheet what its effects are.

Aside being great little standalone games, all the Something Wild! games are combinable. You can put multiple different sets together, making a combined draw deck, but you keep the Power card decks separate and there'll be an active Power card and Funko Pop figure for each of those decks. When you play a matching card, you get to take the relevant figure. You can have control of more than one Funko Pop figure - in which case you have a choice over which of the powers to activate. Because it adds to players' options, combining decks in this way adds another layer of tactical opportunities to Something Wild! without further complicating gameplay. It's also a good idea if you're playing with three or four players; single games are better at just two players.

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