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Moonrakers: Overload & Moonrakers: Nomad

We've previously featured Moonrakers (IV Games) on Board's Eye View and we've offered a glimpse of the Binding Ties, the first expansion that's due to come to Kickstarter. But the upcoming KS campaign won't just be featuring Binding Ties; it'll also offer two more expansions: Overload and Nomad.

Moonrakers: Overload adds more action and contract cards into the mix, along with new 'IOspheres' tokens that represent a powerful but unstable energy source. The expansion also increases substantially the number of crew and ship parts in the game.

Moonrakers: Nomad posits a quasi-governmental organisation formed among the game's five factions. It introduces global (or should that be galactic?) Events. These offer various rewards and challenges as well as the opportunity for players to vote on rule changes, akin to the law changes in Lancaster (Queen Games). The contracts in Nomad are localised to different sectors so players will want to travel to pick up contracts that most closely align with their strengths.

Like the Moonrakers core game, the expansions incorporate moulded lidded trays for all the cards and tokens but we're expecting the new KS campaign to also offer a Big Box option. To cap it all, IV Games are releasing Moonrakers: Luminor, which is a fully cooperative game mode that can be played using a completely free app. It makes use of components from the core game and is expected to be available on multiple platforms.

We'll post a link to the new Moonrakers campaign when it goes live.

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