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Moonrakers: Binding Ties

We reviewed IV Games' Moonrakers earlier this year on Board's Eye View. We were impressed - particularly at the higher player counts where success is largely driven by your negotiation skills and the deals you do with other players. Like Sidereal Confluence (WizKids), Moonrakers is a competitive game but it's nonetheless a game where players have to reach agreements with other players. Now further expansions are coming to Kickstarter on 19 July. The first of these, Binding Ties, focuses on the alliance aspect that we especially loved in the core game, so it's an expansion that's specifically designed to be incorporated into the 3-5 player game.

Binding Ties includes new Contract, Crew, Ship Part and Objectives cards but the key new element to the expansion are the Reputation boards that track your faction's relationship with each of the other players. You're increasingly encouraged to ally with other players to work together, and the reputation you earn can be used to contribute to completing harder Contracts.

Along with Binding Ties, the Kickstarter in July is expected to include a big box and two more Moonrakers expansions. We'll post details of these when we've had a chance to try them. In the meantime, you can click here to sign up for a notification when the KS launches.

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