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Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game

We featured Pocket Paragons (Solis Game Studio) three years ago on Board's Eye View. It's a solid head-to-head combat card game where play cards and players' compare their characters' abilities using a rock/paper/scissors mechanic. Now Brian McKay's Pocket Paragons is back but re-themed within Image Comics' Massive-Verse of interconnected superhero stories.

With characters including Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, Cataclysm, The Dead Lucky, Pyre, Inferno Girl Red and The Griffin, you can play a short one versus one game, but the Pocket Paragons game system really shines when each player assembles a team of three characters and plays in 'legacy' mode so that when a character is defeated one of their abilities is 'inherited' by the next character that steps up into combat. In this mode, the game has a tag team feel to it and, since you know which characters are on the opposing team, there's a tactical element over your choice of how best to order your characters' entry to the fray.

If you're already a fan of Image Comics' Massive-Verse then you won't need any persuading to back this game in its Kickstarter run but you don't have to know the comics and their characters to play and enjoy the game. And tho' this is a standalone game, anyone who has already bought into the Pocket Paragons combat system can readily integrate the Massive-Verse characters and cards to mix and match them with any of the other Pocket Paragons sets.

The Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game is currently midway through its Kickstarter campaign and it has already funded. Click here to check out the campaign.

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