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Named for the Gashapon toy dispensers found in Japan, Gasha is a light filler-length card game for 2-6 players. It's designed by Jason Levine, with art by Christine Alcouffe and Miguel Coimbra, and it's published by Bankiiiz Editions and 25th Century Games, and distributed in the UK by Coiledspring Games.

The game is super simple: players are each dealt four Gasha cards from the deck of 75. The cards all show one of five Gasha toys. The remaining cards are roughly divided into four draw piles. Tho' the draw piles are face down, the reverse of each card shows two or three Gashas, one of which will be the Gasha on the card. That means when you draw a card, you have at least an indication of what Gasha it could be.

In addition to the draw piles, there's a display of four reward cards. These show the points to be earned for cashing in a matching set: a reward card might require, for example, two robots - cash in that pairing and you'll score the points on the card. In addition to their points value, the reward cards also show half a ticket. When you collect two sets, you complete a ticket and can claim one of the limited number of face-down bonus tokens. If the ticket halves are the same colour, you also get to draw another card.

On your turn you have a choice between two possible actions: you can draw two Gasha cards or you can trade in a set of cards in your hand that match one of the four reward cards in the display. The display is then refilled until there are no reward cards left, which triggers the end game. The game end is also triggered when the bonus tokens have all been claimed.

Knowing from the backs the possibility of what Gasha toy is on a card gives this set collection game an unusual twist: tho' Gasha is a game with a high luck factor, you're playing the odds rather than collecting blind... It makes for a fun family game that plays in around 15 minutes and will have players coming back for more.

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