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Emoji Bible Stories

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

We've played most of the educational Bible-themed games published by Bible Games Central. Most of the others in the range are simple card and/or dice games primarily aimed at children. Emoji Bible Stories is certainly also a game that children can play and enjoy but it's a versatile package that's equally playable by adults, trying to make creative use of the game's huge range of Emoji cards to recount familiar Bible stories.

For starters Emoji Bible Stories is at least four games in one, in that the rules sheet offers a series of different games that can be played using the cards supplied. For some of these there is scope for both cooperative and competitive play; with co-op options offered particularly to facilitate games with just two players. All the games involve drawing Emoji cards and making use of them to represent a Bible story: mostly episodes from Genesis or the Gospels. The games tho' range from a super-simple Snap! variant, turning over Emoji cards and calling out when one matches an illustration on one of the story cards, to quite challenging storytelling games where players are assembling a story without the benefit of any pictorial story card clues.

In addition to its 120 Emoji cards and both illustrated and text-only cards covering 24 Bible stories, there's scope too for players to go beyond the story prompts provided and make use of the Emoji cards to recount other stories from the Bible or, indeed, other familiar tales.

For children, Emoji Bible Stories is both entertaining and educational; not least thanks to the summary cards that are included to reinforce the Bible stories represented in the game. For adults, there's much Dixit and Pictures-type fun to be had in using your imagination to communicate with other players just via the Emojis you have to hand.

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