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We recently reviewed Bilder (Monkeyshine) on Board's Eye View. You can think of Pictures as a cross between Bilder and stalwart party game Dixit (Libellud).

In PD-Verlag's Pictures, 16 randomly drawn mostly mundane photos are laid out in a 4 x 4 grid so that each picture can be identified with an A1-D4 grid reference. Players (3–5) take one of the five different materials on offer (building blocks, sticks and stones, shoelaces, picture cards and colour cubes) and they use the material they have to give a clue that identifies the picture in the grid for which they've drawn a chit. There's a bag of chits to draw from, and it's possible for two players to be giving clues to the same picture. Players score for correctly identifying a picture from another player's clue and that player scores for each correct guess. This proceeds for five rounds, with the materials passed along each round so that everyone gets a chance to use each material.

Designers Christian Stohr and Daniela Stohr, and artist Dominik Mayer, have created here a simple party game that's quick and easy to teach and which can be a lot of fun to play. You can expect a game to take around 25 minutes. Some materials are much easier than others to give clues with (it's surprising how often you can give a clue that accurately pinpoints a specific photo by creating an ultra-pixellated picture out of just nine coloured cubes) but it's all fair because everyone gets to use each of the materials once.

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