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Condition markers

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

If you play role-playing games (RPG), you'll surely have come across situations where characters and/or the creatures they encounter are affected by 'conditions'. Perhaps your character has been Poisoned, Blinded by a bright light or Deafened by a monster's roar. Maybe you've used a spell or cloaking device to make you Invisible. Or maybe you've managed to Charm a monster to do your bidding. If you're playing with minis and there's a lot going on in your play area, it can be confusing keeping track of what conditions affect which characters and creatures. That's where these condition markers from Four Harts come in.

Four Harts are producing sets of coloured bases designed to fit the round bases of typical RPG and other board game minis. Each set contains six colours. The idea is that you designate a colour to a particular condition (for example, green for Poisoned) and if a creature or character becomes subject to that condition, you slip that coloured base onto the mini. The bases are designed to stack, so a mini can be marked as being subject to multiple conditions.

Four Harts are planning to bring their condition markers to Kickstarter shortly. The prototypes shown here on Board's Eye View are designed to fit a 25mm/1 inch base but the KS campaign is expected to also offer markers for larger minis. Four Harts are also planning for the final version to use colours that are more readily distinguishable by colour-blind players. Also shown here is a wet/dry erase colour key that a Games Master can deploy to clearly label the conditions that are in use.

The condition markers have proved to be a big hit in our mini-based RPGs so we're eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Kickstarter. We're keen to get hold of the larger sizes so we can better track the effects our adventurers dish out on the monsters they encounter. Click here to check out the KS campaign.

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