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Big Box of Dungeon Doors

As their name suggests, Loke Battle Mats are best know for their extensive collection of battle mat books. We've previously featured several of them on Board's Eye View, including the Town & Taverns Book of Battle Mats, The Wilderness Book of Battle Mats and the Big Book of Battle Mats. In recent years tho' Loke have been branching out by adding to their range other add-ons and accessories that RPG gamers can use to bring their tabletop adventures to life. This Big Box of Dungeon Doors accessorises especially well with all of Loke's battle mats but they can be used equally well with any dungeon crawler terrain.

We've shown some of the dungeon doors here with a couple of pages from the Town & Taverns Book of Battle Mats. Tho' the mats are all of course two-dimensional, just adding a three-dimensional door boosts the dungeon crawler experience - whether you're playing with painted minis or Lego minifigures.

And what's impressive here is both the quality of Loke's full-colour acrylic door standees and the sheer range that comes in the box: there are 40 different doors and portals, all with their own clear plastic stands. There's inevitably a bias towards Medieval Dungeon & Dragons settings but the assortment includes vault doors, portals and entrances that won't be out of place in a steampunk RPG.

The Big Box of Dungeon Doors should be available at your friendly local game store, or you can order direct from Loke Battle Mats at

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