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Big Book of Battle Mats: Volume III

The title says it all. This is the third volume in Loke Battle Mats' ongoing series of terrain mats for D&D and other role-playing games.

The Games Master (GM) just needs to set the scene and then lay out the double-page spread of appropriate terrain to be populated with the players' minis and those for the foes they face.

Like others in the series, Volume III is ring bound so that it can be folded back if you are using a single page. The likelihood is you'll mostly be using the double-page spreads tho', and again the beauty of the ring bound format is that these always lay flat. As usual, all the maps provide a wipe-clean surface - so GMs and adventurers can draw on them with wipe-clean marker pens without adversely affecting their reusability.

There's a good varied mix of settings represented in this volume, including rural, arcane and nautical. There's even a derelict railway line if you're taking your RPG steampunk or post-apocalyptic or you're just encountering the work of some ancient artificers. With 60 pages (30 double-page spreads measuring approx. 30 x 42 cm), Loke's Big Book of Battle Mats Volume III represents great value for money.

And next week, Loke are launching their RPG toolboxes on Kickstarter. These include more modular maps, D&D 5e adventures, random encounters and more besides. The campaign launches on 24 May but you can get advance notice at

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