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If this sounds like the caption card for a fight scene in the 1960s Adam West Batman series, maybe that's appropriate. Biff! is the title for a pocket-sized micro game with a boxing match theme.

In Toby Fairclough's Biff!, each player has their own individual deck of 8 cards. You start off with a hand of two cards and, on your turn, you play a card and draw a card. The card play represents a punch or other move in a boxing match. Through successive plays you are always trying to match or beat the card played previously by your opponent. Numerical cards (1-3) defeat those of lower value, except that 0 is a block that affects cards valued 1 or 2 (0 doesn't block a 3). To respond to a 3, you need to play a Ref card. It's all pretty well intuitive, with a rock/scissors/paper vibe, and each round plays super quick.

As with most micro games (AEG's Love Letter comes immediately to mind), you'll expect to play several rounds to determine the winner, so we might've liked to see the inclusion of some scoring tokens, but you can easily use coins, buttons or counters from another game. And paring Biff! down to its bare essentials means Mushroom Gaming has been able to produce a game that takes up very little space. The two 8-card decks both fit into a neat plastic wallet that you can just slip into your pocket.

With the holiday season approaching, you may be on the lookout for one or two micro games that you can take away with you without taking up too much baggage space. With Biff!, you have a very portable travel game so you'll literally be packing a punch. And tho' it's designed very much as a two-player game, Biff! is sufficiently inexpensive that you could think about adding a second copy to increase the player count to four, or even a third to take it up to six.

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