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V-Commandos: Résistance

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

We reviewed V-Commandos on Board's Eye View way back in December 2017. V-Commandos: Résistance is an expansion from publishers Triton Noir that works with the base game to enhance an already great experience with added characters, maps, equipment, event cards, tokens and missions.

It is, perhaps the five new missions that add the most to the game, particularly for those that have played out all the missions in the base game. The new characters are the SOE Agent, the Spy, and the Saboteur. Each has individual characteristics that make them unique and interesting, a positive addition to the game. Some new elements, like the Guard Dogs and the German Officers, make the game tougher, but also there is some balance in the new items with Binoculars and the Air Drop.

This is an expansion that breathes new life into an already fun game and gives gamers another set of reasons to get the original game down off the shelf. There are no major rule changes to consider so it is very easy to drop the components in with the existing game to make something fun and unique, with the new missions all being well designed and challenging to play.

Postscript: Since we originally publishing this review, V-Commandos has been renamed as V-Sabotage.

(Review by Steve Berger)

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