Fetus Feud

Updated: Jan 20

Here's a game theme you're unlikely to have seen before. This is card game about pregnancy involving battling babes in the womb.

Players each start with a hand of five cards. Every turn, you draw a card and you can choose whether or not to play a card from your hand. The aim is to have the most Contraction (green) cards in your hand when the Labor card is played to end the game. In the meantime, red cards allow players to 'attack' another player (steal cards from them), blue cards offer defence against attack, and yellow cards allow a player to draw extra cards.

The game play is simple and very straightforward, making this a very light filler. The artwork adds to the humour but there is nothing here that anyone will find upsetting or offensive. Because you are stealing cards from other players, there's a 'take that' element to play, but this remains throughout a lighthearted rather than cutthroat game. You may end up slicing through an umbilical chord but this isn't a game that's going to cause anyone to sever the chord of friendship.

Fetus Feud will make an amusing gift for an expectant couple and it's a game you can break out as a quick ice-breaker: play is unlikely to take more than about 10 minutes. Why, that's almost enough time to get a game in between contractions. Think how cool you'll look to maternity ward staff playing this with your partner while awaiting delivery. :-)

Fetus Feud is designed by Carson Hawkes and Kohlmann Kearley, and is published by Antics LLC. It launches tomorrow on Kickstarter, so what we're showing here on Board's Eye View is a preview prototype.

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