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Lost My Mummy

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

This is a simple, easy-to-play card game that can be played by all the family. It’s a set collection game but there are action cards that can be played on your own or your opponent’s incomplete sets to double or halve their potential value. Play involves drawing cards, from which you select and play just one. A twist is that a non-standard six-sided die is rolled to determine how many cards you draw, with a one in six chance that you will draw none at all. The game comes with three dice, all of which bear different numbers, and there are cards that can be played to give you a better die or to hinder your opponent by saddling them with a weaker die.

The basic game just requires players to collect sets of three matching colour cards to score 50 gold per completed set. There are mummy cards worth 100 gold but which demand four matching cards to complete, and cards worth 150 gold but which demand five per set. The game is at its best, however, allowing players to make their own choice of mummies at the start of the game, with their opponent not knowing whether they have gone for high-value harder-to-complete or low-value easier-to-complete mummies. This adds a push-you-luck element and can make for a more exciting game.

Care has gone into the design of the cards, so that no two of the picture cards are exactly alike. This contributes to the appeal of the game.

Ancient Egypt remains one of the topics in the National Curriculum for England – usually but not always taught in Year 3 (age 8), so Lost My Mummy is a game that may have particular appeal with primary school children. At just £10, direct from, it would make a great little stocking filler.

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