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Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Sheep in space. What's not to love?

In this game, each player controls three space-going sheep fleeing their overgrazed planet on a mission to reach Edenia where there are pastures aplenty. Players place out tiles exploring new regions of space as they go. They collect tokens that give special abilities and points, and they plant flags along the way to lay claim to new planets and score points. There are different victory conditions, so this isn't just a race game. There are some 'take that' elements (you can remove and replace a rival's flag) but these merely add to the strategy of play in what is otherwise likely to be a good-natured family game.

The cute plastic sheep figures have distinctive features (they aren't all the same) and are likely to add to this game's child appeal. The randomly drawn exploration tiles can make this game seem chaotic. That said, this is a game where there is scope for strategic placement, judgement and jockeying for position. In your turn, you can choose to move any one of your three sheep, so the skill comes in determining which sheep gives you the most advantageous move given the position of your rival sheep.

Clover is a form of currency in the game, in that you need to spend clover to leapfrog another sheep. There is usually a cost too to taking bonus tokens, so it can sometimes be a tough call deciding whether or not to 'spend' clover.

Edenia is a game that can be played with both children and adults. Both will find they enjoy it.

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