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You Think You Know Me?

Part of the series of party games from Gamestorm Studio and Tactic Games, You Think You Know Me? is definitely a game to be shared between friends who do indeed think they know each other...

Players take turns to draw one of the 188 question cards and read it out to the other players. The questions cover a rich variety of topics but none are offensive or might be deemed NSFW (Not Safe For Work): you can play this game comfortably with work colleagues. For each of the questions, the card offers a multiple choice of four options. The 3-6 players each have a set of A,B, C, D voting cards and they use these cards to indicate their answer (simultaneous reveal). It's the questioner who decides which answer most accurately sums them up. We play it so that the questioner puts down their answer at the same time as the other players so there's no scope for gamesmanship over the choice of correct answer. Get an answer right and you take a facedown card as a way of keeping score, and the winner is the first player to collect five cards.

Some questions will inevitably be 'easier' than others. Most groups of friends will know each other's favourite TV programs, so questions on that are unlikely to yield any incorrect answers. Even close friends tho' might pause for thought when offered the multiple choice options of 'personal finance', 'human rights', 'mental health' or 'social media safety' as answers to the question: 'Which one of these subjects would I like to be taught in school?'

This is a genuine, simple and easy-to-play party game that's short and sweet: it's unlikely to take more than 10-15 minutes for a player to collect the five cards needed to end the game. And there's depth too, in that some questions may well give collective pause for thought and some debate.

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