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Wrong is Right

Wrong is Right is one of a series of quick and simple party games from Gamestorm Studio and Tactic Games. It's essentially a pub quiz in a box: a fat deck of 182 question cards, each of which poses a question and three multiple choice answer options. The twist here is that two of the answers are correct and this game requires that you select the wrong answer...

That's really is all there is to it. You take turns drawing a question card and reading it to the other players, and each player has A, B, C voting cards to indicate their answer. If you are correct (ie: you select the wrong answer) you win a card. If you're playing with just two, you can take the card you got right (or should we say wrong?) but if you have more players so two or more players have the same correct (incorrect) answer, then just take a facedown card to keep score The game is won by the first player to collect five cards - so this is very much a filler-length game that is never going to overstay its welcome.

The twist of Wrong is Right probably works best after players have had a few drinks so that they are perhaps more susceptible to confusion. Otherwise, this is really just a decent set of pub quiz questions. The correct (wrong) answers are well chosen by the game's compilers: there are no really obviously stupidly wrong options.

Wrong is Right is packaged as being for 2-6 players. The upper limit is really only set by the number of A, B, C voting cards supplied. If you want to up the numbers, the game can certainly accommodate more players - you'll just have to contribute your own extra voting indicators.

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