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Who Has..?

Part of the series of party games from Gamestorm Studio and Tactic Games, Who Has..? is a fat deck of 200 cards each of which poses a choice of two questions. The player drawing the card chooses which of the questions to read out and then players all respond by simultaneously pointing to the player they think it applies to most aptly. The majority 'wins'; so if, in a five-player game, three people point to the same person then that is deemed the correct answer and all three will draw a facedown card to score. The game is won by the first player to collect five cards.

Who Has..? might be seen as a companion to You Think You Know Me?, which we recently reviewed on Board's Eye View. However, whereas that multiple-choice game was mostly innocent fun, Who Has..? could uncover a darker side to friends' relationships...

For starters, this game should probably carry a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) warning as several of the cards suggest questions that some players might consider offensive. Now, to be fair, all cards offer a choice between two questions to pose but there are certainly some cards where either of the questions could give rise to embarrassment if not offence. There's a real risk that with some players this game could teeter over the line into bullying.

In pure gameplay terms, the voting system for resolving each card is problematic. It's quite likely that some cards will result in ties but the rules offer no suggestion as to how to deal with these. Do you just discard ties? If so, there's a risk of this game running somewhat longer than others in the series: fine if players are all enjoying themselves but less so if one or more of the players are finding the game awkward or embarrassing.

We've enjoyed playing all the other titles in this Gamestorm/Tactic Games series but Who Has..? is the one title over which we have reservations.

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