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Wee Whimsical Creatures

We've shortened the title of this game. To give it it's full title, it's 'A game about Wee Whimsical Creatures and trying to identify them after someone makes noises'. That's pretty much the entire rules too for this ultralight party game from Behrooz Shahriari (Bez) and publisher Stuff By Bez.

The game comprises a deck of 80 weird mythical beasts and/or aliens (40 double-sided cards). Five are laid out in a 1-5 row and one of the (4-10) players chooses a creature and makes the sounds they think it would make. The other players then guess which of the five creatures would make that noise. That's it. The net result is a classic party-game excuse to make silly noises. For those that want to keep score, you get a point for picking the creature that the noise-maker had intended to be the source, as does the noise-maker. However, as part of Bez's commitment to democracy, players in the majority also all get a point. You'll have to make your own arrangements for keeping track of scores tho' as none is supplied. We suggest Smarties - tho' some players may need to restrain themselves from eating their winnings mid-game!

We'd have liked a clearer way for players to indicate their choices: the majority scores rule means that you have to ensure simultaneous reveals. The rules suggest holding up fingers but that didn't work for Board's Eye View editor Selwyn Ward because he suffers from trigger finger (apparently that's a real thing). We went for using conventional six-sided dice as number markers. Only the more cynical players rolled rather than turned their die to make their selection. Hardened gamers who take their party games far too seriously complained there was no tie-breaker rule in the event of tied majorities.

Wee Whimsical Creatures had a short run on Kickstarter and has fulfilled to backers. At just £5 per pack, it sold out at UK Games Expo 2021 but there has been a reprint.

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