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Viewpoint Revisioned

There's a punning backstory to this game involving a bunch of ophthalmological jokes but you don't need to worry about that to play this 'take that' tableau-building card game from 93 Made Games.

Designed by Sean Carroll, the game is played using a deck of cards that each have a points value in the top left corner, a comic illustration from Kerri Aitken - mostly using cyclops-like figures, and an action text. The 2-6 players each start off with a hand of five cards and on your turn, you draw a card, you play a card from your hand to your tableau (referred to as your 'field of view') and you take the action specified on the card. Your aim is to be the first to have 100 points in your 'field of view'.

That's pretty much all the rules in a nutshell, so Viewpoint Revisioned is a card game that's easy to play. The play itself tho' is in the card effects, which vary widely from extra card draws to forced discards to stealing cards from opponents' fields of view or their hands. When you play a card that lets you steal from another player's hand then, unusual in such games, the choice is neither random nor that of the victim: the thief gets to look at the victim's hand to select the card to steal. If you have a good memory, then the advantage of having sight of an opponent's cards can be at least as great as the benefit of the card itself.

As you might expect, there are defensive cards that you can play out of turn to negate a card that affects you adversely. The card that triggered the defensive response is discarded (painful for the 'attacker' if it was a high-scoring card) along with the defence card, but the defence cards usually give the person who plays them a compensatory card draw.

Players have full sight of each other's fields of view so you can see when an opponent is approaching striking distance of the 100 point target. Inevitably that makes them a target for the other players, who are bound to direct their tableau-stealing and 'miss a turn' cards at them, so you'll want to try to build up a comfortable reserve of defensive cards before you play cards to your field of view that put you close to winning. If none of the players preserve such a cushion, the game generally swings back and forth - particularly at the higher player counts - and may well end only when the draw deck and hands are exhausted; in which case, the win goes to the player with the highest field of view score.

You can have a lot of fun with Viewpoint Revisioned and the game is designed so that it can be expanded by combining it with the cards from 93 Made Games future releases of standalone card games set in the same 'Viewniverse'. Viewpoint Revisioned is currently on Kickstarter. Click here to view the campaign, but hurry because the KS is in its last few days.

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