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Traffic Logic

Djeco are best known for their charming, beautifully produced games aimed primarily at pre-school children. We've featured several of them on Board's Eye View, including Douzanimo, Jungle Panic, Little Cooperation and Ludanimo, but Djeco also publish a series of 'Sologic' games that offer challenging solitaire logic puzzles for slightly older children (8+). And just because the Sologic games are intended for older kids and, indeed adults (for once the '8-99' range on the box can be taken at face value!), doesn't mean Djeco have compromised in any way on cute components or the quality of production.

Traffic Logic comes with 30 large double-sided 'challenge cards'. These each set out your challenge in graphic form, which will be to get some or all of the five coloured wooden people pawns from their starting point to their various destinations. Your challenge card also serves as the playing board. Depending on the puzzle on the challenge card you are solving, you'll have different combinations of vehicle available to use, and these each have their own individual capacity for the number of people pawns you can slot in: the helicopter and car take just one person, the van takes two, the subway train takes three and the aeroplane takes four. With the exception of the plane and helicopter, vehicles have to travel by appropriate routes (road for road vehicles; direct link between Metro stations for the subway) and you can only move a vehicle when it is full to capacity. That means puzzles invariably involve much switching of transport; but not too much... for each puzzle there's a target printed in the top left corner that shows the number of moves you should need to solve the puzzle. So, for example, the simple puzzle #1 shown in our Board's Eye View 360 should take just two moves to get the yellow and blue people pawns to their respective destinations but there are tougher puzzles using all five people pawns and maybe four different vehicles, and the target for those puzzles will be six or seven moves.

Few will find any of the puzzles so hard they are left completely stumped but the booklet that comes with the game lets you look up the solution if there are any where you find you are taking more than the target number of moves. Traffic Logic delivers an entertaining and engaging set of puzzles that children and many adults will enjoy working through, and if that helps to develop logical thinking and non-verbal reasoning skills then designers Leo and Yoann Levet will have achieved their aim.

Tho' Traffic Logic is essentially a solitaire puzzler, you can play competitively by timing how long it takes you to find your solution and comparing your best time with that of another player tackling the same puzzle.

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