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TI'TAINS Card Connectors

If you're looking at our Board's Eye View 360, it's not about the cards. Focus in instead on the little cube mounts we've been using as individual card holders. These are TI'TAINS and they're described as card connectors. You can use them to build a house of cards that won't come tumbling down like... a house of cards. Here we've pressed them into use as really helpful board game accessories. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed them already similarly utilised in previous posts and we'll be continuing to use them in our 360s in the months ahead.

TI'TAINS are designed by Howie Romans III and they currently come in four colours. Howie has posted a series of videos on YouTube that show the TI'TAINS utilised in constructing card towers. These illustrate the versatility of the TI'TAINS design. Check the videos out at

But because we've shown the TI'TAINS holding cards, here's a little quiz. Can you identify the games these cards come from? Tho' some are more obscure than others, they are all games that have been featured previously on Board's Eye View.

Can anyone identify them all?

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