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The Fuzzies

Created by Alex Hague, Justin Vickers and Wolfgang Warsch, with art by Adamantia Chatzivassileiou, The Fuzzies is essentially a cute & cuddly Jenga variant. Instead of wooden blocks, players are removing and replacing Tribble-like fuzzy balls.

The Fuzzies is a quick and simple dexterity party game, notionally for 2-4 players but you could easily accommodate more. You start off by forming the stack or tower of fuzzy balls by squishing them into the plastic container which also acts as the game box. Remove the cup part of the container and you have your fuzzy stack. There's a deck of circular cards and, on their upside, these indicate the colour of fuzzy ball that you have to remove from the stack. You can take a fuzzy ball of the requisite colour from anywhere in the stack but you have to then place it in a position higher than where you took it.

You can, initially, use your fingers or the tweezers that are supplied, tho' in our Board's Eye View plays the tweezers seemed to be more trouble than they were worth - you'll almost certainly have better luck using your fingers. At some point, tho', a player is bound to dislodge one or more fuzzies, either when taking or replacing their ball. For any that fall, you draw cards and flip them to their other side. This shows the handicap you must apply on your next turn; for example, covering one eye or using your non-dominant hand.

The game ends, and the other players win, when a player either knocks over the whole tower or causes ten or more fuzzies to fall from the stack.

That's The Fuzzies in a nutshell. And it's a game for all the family. Publishers CMYK and Schmidt Spiele have done a beautiful job with the production of the game. All the components - from the box to the circular cards to the fuzzies themselves - are both appealing and functional. The game plays quickly - our plays mostly ran to around 10 minutes; 5 when we played with a klutz - and we almost invariably had players clamouring for another play: always a good sign for any party game!

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