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That's Your Opinion

Daniel Raines' That's Your Opinion is game about lists. It's a party game for at least three players; there's no firm upper limit but we wouldn't want to play with more than the eight suggested in the rules because that would risk the game running over long.

Open the box and you'll find a deck of cards, each of which posts a question that calls for players to express their opinion. Players each then jot down five or six answers and they take turns calling one out. If a player calls out an answer that you have on or want for your list, you can 'steal' it but each player can steal only one answer per question card. If an answer is 'stolen' you choose another (or steal someone else's - but you can't steal an answer that's already been stolen).

You keep going round until everyone has called out and written out a list of four or five answers (depending on player count: the rules suggest five answers each for a three-player game). Players then vote on who has the best list; they can't vote for themselves. The winner takes the question card and whoever has the most cards after an agreed number of rounds is declared the winner.

The key components of That's Your Opinion are the question cards. These do have a distinctly US focus (for example, one asks players for their list of the greatest Super Bowl Halftime shows) but you don't have to be an American to have fun drafting the list of states you would have in your 'divided America'. There are several movie and music themed cards (best horror; best Disney film, etc) and of course there's a card asking players for the greatest board games. Be warned tho' that there are a couple of cards where players might struggle to have enough opinions to fill their answer sheet: one question asks 'What is the best topping for a hotdog?' Once the answers mustard, tomato ketchup and fried onions were gone, members of the Board's Eye View team found it a stretch to come up with many more digestible toppings.

That's Your Opinion is a simple, intuitively easy-to-play game that's well suited to playing in a bar over a few drinks. If you take the game overly seriously and particularly care about winning it can be a good tactic to use your 'steal' each round as you can then be sure of having at least one answer on your list that you know at least one other player is likely to agree with. However, like most successful party games, That's Your Opinion is at its best if you're playing just for the fun of it rather than as a competitive sport. It's especially enjoyable when the game prompts friendly argument and debate over each other's lists.

That's Your Opinion is returning to Kickstarter later this year. We'll add a link when the KS goes live.

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