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Star Realms Box Set

Star Realms isn't new. It first appeared in 2014, published by White Wizard - since renamed Wise Wizard. It was designed by Robert Dougherty and Darwin Kastle as a two-player deck building space combat game, and since its publication it has proved immensely popular, arguably second only to Magic: The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast) in its pre-eminence as a deck builder.

From the start, the intention behind Star Realms was to ensure accessibility. The game was self-contained, so playable out of the box without players having to chase rare and ultra-rare cards in expensive collectible sealed packs. Nevertheless, the game's popularity drove its further growth. Over the years there have been several expansions, and Star Realms has additionally resulted in similar games spawned in parallel worlds: notably Hero Realms, which transposes an essentially similar game to a fantasy themed setting.

If you've not yet played Star Realms or if you've played your original copy so much that the cards are beginning to look a little worn, then this new Box Set could be just what you're looking for. It brings together the core game with the Gambit expansion and solo and co-operative challenge cards, so it'll now take 1-4 players. The new Box Set also includes a foldout game board and the box is designed to accommodate further expansions and to keep your cards organised. We were especially pleased to see that the box accommodates sleeved cards because we'd always recommend sleeving a deck-building card game like Star Realms.

Check out Wise Wizard's short promotional video which says it all!

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