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Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles

We featured Sandwich Masters a year ago on Board's Eye View. It's a light, light-hearted, 'take that' set collection card game. Bread Roles is an expansion that adds role cards to the game, giving each player one of ten asymmetric abilities. It also adds more cards so that you can take the player count up to six from the 2-4 players of the base game.

Sandwich Masters was always a quirky game, and Bread Roles adds to the mix. There's much fun to be had incorporating the asymmetric abilities and taking the player count up to six makes for an even more joyously chaotic 'take that' game. Otherwise, it's more of the same - tho' the Bread Roles card deck includes a new Olive card that you can add to any sandwich for bonus points.

An additional quirk is that the Bread Roles box is twice the size of the box for the base game. There's method tho' to Big Punch Studios' seeming madness: the expansion requires the base game to play it (it's not a standalone expansion) and so the expansion box is designed to accommodate the base game, box and all. That's a very welcome touch.

Also shown in our Board's Eye View 360 is a neoprene mat available from Big Punch Studios. Neoprene mats are always useful with card games because they make it easier to pick up cards, and the Sandwich Masters neoprene mat has the advantage of being quite compact. Sadly tho' it won't also fit inside the Bread Roles box. Perhaps we'll need to wait for the next expansion :-)

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