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Rubber Paper Scissors

If you think this sounds like the traditional game of Rock Paper Scissors then you're not far wrong. For Rubber Paper Scissors, Leon Liu and Anthony Perone have combined Rock Paper Scissors with Tic-Tac-Toe (aka Noughts & Crosses) and added in a set collection element to boot. The stationery shop art is by Yuan Momoco.

Rubber Paper Scissors is a short two-player game. There's a Tic-Tac-Toe grid and you start by populating it with tokens: one face up and one face down at each space. You play nine rounds of Rock Paper Scissors, one for each space in the grid, and each round the player that wins gets to choose the face up or face down token or to place their marker on the grid, where they can score 3 points for each line of three. The loser chooses from the two options left and the winner takes the remaining token or marker placement.

There are points to be had for most of the tokens, with set collection bonuses for multiples of the same token up to the maximum (full set) of five (worth 8 points). As a twist, the reward dips for four of a kind, so there can be a tactical advantage in sadlling an opponent with four out of a set if you can be sure of denying them the fifth.

Some will argue that Rock Paper Scissors is all about psyching out the other player but others will put this core mechanic down to luck. There's a tactical choice tho' of which reward(s) to take; do you go for the tokens or for the points in getting Tic-Tac-Toe lines? In any event this is a light, fun 10-minute filler length game from Wonderful World Board Games that can be played and enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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