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Roll & Colour boardgame Christmas cards

You may think it's early to start our Board's Eye View Countdown to Christmas, and you're probably right, but the Christmas candy is already in the shops and many of the supermarket Christmas delivery dates are already fully booked. If you are stocking up on cards to send to friends and relatives this year then why not evangelise for your board game hobby while marking the festive season?

That's the idea behind Jessica Metheringham's ingenious range of 'Roll & Colour' greetings cards. They've just launched for a short run on Kickstarter at and they'll be available after that from Dissent Games' etsy site.

We've just shown two of the cards here - in versions that can also be used as general greetings cards (ie: they've no inscription so you can purpose them as birthday cards) - but the KS includes other more overtly seasonal designs.

The games are very accessible solitaire puzzles. The card itself provides most of what you need but the recipient will need pencils and ordinary six-sided dice or, in the case of the Plastic Currents card, a handful of jelly beans. Jessica's helpful video shows tho' that you can get by even if (perish the thought) you have no dice and you cannot find six different coloured pencils.

The saying goes that it's better to give than receive. Maybe that's true and maybe it isn't, but there's no doubt that getting a card you can actually play is so much better than receiving a card that just sits gathering dust on the mantlepiece. Back the KS and/or order the cards from Dissent Games now and you should have them in time to send this Christmas.

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