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Quezzle: Space Adventures

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

We featured Quezzle on Board's Eye View back in 2021. We described it as a challenging jigsaw puzzle combined with Where's Wally/Where's Waldo style puzzle quests. Now the publishers Unidragon are back - this time with an epic space-themed 1000 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle and puzzle game combined with disc-firing 3D space ships and mini-games of skill and dexterity. There are storylines to follow and enough in this hefty wooden box to keep you occupied and entertained for hours on end.

Indeed, the Quezzle: Space Adventures box itself is part of the puzzle: you have to answer four (easy) space-themed questions and dial the rocket locks to the appropriate letters clued by the answers in order to unlock the box. You'll assemble the four space ships and even a pair of six-sided dice (push-together pieces: no glue required) as well as the targets you can shoot at with the elastic-band-powered discs that the ships fire. The colourful jigsaw puzzle is beautiful and quite challenging, as you might expect with 1000 pieces, but part of the fun is that many of the puzzle pieces are themselves object shaped.

This is a great package. Sadly tho' you've missed the Kickstarter, which finished its run earlier this month. Click here tho' for the link to check it out - you might still be able to nab a late pledge. You can also click here to contact the publisher direct to order any of their puzzles - and they are currently offering a 10% discount promo code if you sign up for the Unidragon newsletter.

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