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Pentanimo Sologic

No, it's not a spelling error. Pentanimo from Djeco is a pentomino game but with cute-looking animals on the pentomino tiles - hence Pentanimo, geddit? The game comprises chunky wooden pentomino tiles, each in a distinct different colour, plus a framed 9 x 6 square wooden grid to place the tiles on. Additionally, there's a deck of 30 puzzle cards.

Pentanimo Sologic is a solitaire puzzle game designed by Sébastien Decad and Isa Pirracas. The idea is that you take a puzzle card and use the pentominoes to create the layout shown. The cards vary in difficulty: the first few merely call for pattern replication (ie: all seven tiles are shown) but increasingly the puzzle cards omit some colours so the player needs to work out which of the other tiles go where. And on the last two cards, all of the colours are blanked out.

None of the puzzles are very difficult but younger children will enjoy the challenge, and tho' it's really only the pentomino shapes and colours that matter, the animals on the tiles add to the game's appeal. As with most Djeco games, the box gives a 5-99 age range but pre-schoolers will also enjoy playing Pentanimo Sologic.

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