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The Roman gods were essentially renamed versions of Greek gods, and it's that fact that forms the basis of Pantheon, one of the series of small hexagonal-box microgames from LittleHouse Boardgames. The game is designed by David Heras Pino.

Pantheon is essentially a two-player game, tho' there's an option to play solo against an automata. One player represents the Greeks and the other the Romans. The game is played using 18 double-sided hexagonal tiles: Greek on one side and Roman on the other. You place the tiles out adjacent to those already in play and then take the action for that deity; for example, flipping an adjacent tile, covering a tile or altering its position. Tiles will score for adjacency and for the number of weapon icons.

As with the other small-box games in the LittleHouse Boardgames series, Pantheon is well-produced but it is disappointing that the rules aren't included in the box. To play, you have to use the included QR code to download the rules. Tho' the core rules are reasonably straightforward, Pantheon is an inherently meatier game than most other microgames because of the different ways in which the deity tiles interact and score. You can be up and running and playing the game in a couple of minutes but it'll take players longer to get to grips with the game's subtleties; and that's just how it should be.

And once you've mastered the basic game you can move on to playing in 'quest' mode. Each god tile has its own unique scoring, albeit that the scoring/powers are identical on the deity's Greek and Roman sides. The very specific scoring requirements for each god add significantly to the challenge of the game, since meeting a deity's requirements will mean engineering its adjacency to several specific tiles. There are games with 'advanced' modes where players can generally bypass the 'basic' version and leap right in to the advanced game from the outset. This isn't one of them. We'd strongly advise getting to grips with the basic game of Pantheon before playing the 'quest' mode. Have fun!

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