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Nonaga is a simple but addictive abstract two-player game designed by Viktor Bautista i Roca and published by Steffen Spiele and Helvetiq. Each player has three pieces. On your turn you move one of your pieces as far as it can move (ie: to an edge of the board or another piece) and your objective is to have all three of your pieces in a mutually adjacent grouping.

The standout feature of the game is that it is played on a fluid board made up of 19 discs. These are initially arranged into a hexagon, with each player's pieces starting at alternating vertices of the hex. After moving a piece, the player takes one unoccupied disc from any edge and relocates it to another position; the only limitation is that you are not allowed to move the disc that your opponent last relocated.

That's all there is to the game; making it easy to teach and learn, and quick to play (most games take just 5-10 minutes). We've found tho' that Nonaga is a game that appeals to children as well as adults, and it's a game that leaves players wanting to come back for more. It's well packaged in an almost pocket-sized small box, and the chunky wooden components add to the game's appeal.

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