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No Way José!

Published by Tactic Games, No Way José! is a multiple-choice general knowledge quiz/trivia game where players are given six answers but only some of them are correct. Players then use tokens to indicate which answers they think are true and which ones are false. The player who identifies the most true/false answers wins the round and keeps a token, and the game is won by the player with the most tokens after a pre-agreed number of rounds or, at least, when everyone has had a turn being the questioner.

It's a simple enough idea, so it's an easy game for everyone to join in and play. This really is a party game and it would be easy to adapt it to accommodate a larger party of players. There are player boards for six players - hence the 2-6 indication on the box - but you could easily duplicate the player boards or dispense with them altogether. The game, of course, has many similarities with Half Truth (Studio 71). That game also offered six prospective answers, tho' it also offered the chance to double-down on answers. In Half Truth, half the answers were correct and half were wrong (hence the title, geddit?). The big difference with No Way José! is that not all the questions have equal numbers of correct and incorrect answers. That small difference is enough to keep players on their toes.

Of course, any multiple-choice quiz or trivia game is only as good as its questions. No Way José! scores well here too. The 200 question cards cover a wide range of topics (and seemingly less US-centric than Half Truth) and the false answers are all commendably plausible. The game's title has prompted a Mexican theme to the artwork and presentation (donkeys on the scoring tokens and droopy moustaches on the reverse of the player boards) but this is mostly inoffensive cultural appropriation. The main downside of the game is that José (the player taking their turn as questioner) has to read out all the potential answers; they can't show the other players the card because that would instantly give away which answers are true and which are false.

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