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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Designed by Ignacio Sánchez Usera and published by Gigamic, Kontour is a simple easy-to-play drawing game; essentially a slimmed-down pocket variant of Pictionary (Mattel).

Like Pictionary, you're drawing a picture that communicates a word on a card. In Kontour, however, your drawing is limited to just 15 strokes and both the drawing and the other players' guesses must be done in just 30 seconds, as measured on the sand timer supplied in the tin box. There are no teams; so the guesses are a free-for-all with all the players calling out their guesses while the artist is still drawing. The artist has two words to choose from on their word card: if they choose the word in blue, they'll score 1 point if it's correctly guessed, and the player that guesses correctly also scores a point; if they choose the word printed in orange, there are two points to be won by both artist and guesser.

The winner is the first player to reach 10 points. That's all there is to it but that's not a criticism. This is really a game that you can play anywhere and with no real upper limit on the number of players - tho' the rules suggest 3-7. Kontour comes packaged in a small tin box that includes a pencil and plain pad but it's really just the clue cards that are unique to the game. It's very playable by all the family and it's an easy game to pack to take with you on your family holidays.

Kontour is distributed in the UK by Hachette Board Games.

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