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Kinapa is a short (10-15 minute) card game designed by Rudolf Feller and published by SBG Editions where, each turn, one player takes on the role of Emperor, during which time they are trying to collect two pairs of cards in their hand and play them to matching objective cards on the table. In terms of objective cards, Kinapa is a memory pair-matching game where players will need to remember the position of objective cards that are revealed and then flipped back over to their face-down side.

Tho' there's the Pelmanism element, the game play mainly involves bluffing and catching other players out in a lie. The Emperor can name a card and other players have either to raise their hand to indicate they don't have that card, or do nothing - which means they may or may not have the card. A player who raises their hand may or may not be telling the truth. If two or more players raise their hands, the Emperor chooses one and takes a random card from them, returning to them a card from the Emperor's hand. If just one player or no player raises their hand, the Emperor can demand the card they named and the player who has it is required to pass it over. If it turns out that the player who raised their hand had the card after all, then the Emperor can proclaim them to be a liar. They are required to play the next two turns with their cards face up on the table for other players to see.

This all makes for a quick but lively card game that offers a clear progression from the 'picking up doubles' memory games with which most children will be familiar. Delphine Delmas' cute animal art will also appeal to children. With its conditional rules, tho', younger children tho' will need help initially learning the game. Kinapa takes up the eight players. There are special rules allowing a version of the game to be played with just two but this is a game that's best played with at least four or five players.

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