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Jingle All The Way

Way back in 1996, Jingle All the Way was an Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy movie with, as you might guess, a Christmas theme. In the movie, Arnie is a father scouring the city for a 'Turbo Man' action figure for his son. Funko Games' Jingle All The Way: It's Turbo Time! takes the movie IP and packages it as an entertaining easy-to-play set collection card game for 2-4 players.

Toys, in the form of face-down oblong tiles, are laid out in a 3 x 4 grid representing a toy store shelves. Players all start with a 'Booster' toy in their 'shopping cart' (tableau). Boosters are worth more points the more you have at the end of the game, up to five (worth 25 points). Other toys are worth various amounts ranging from the sole Turbo Man toy (worth 10 points) to the counterfeit Tubro Man toys (worth -5 points). Each round, you'll get to take one toy tile from the shelf and add it to your shopping cart but first you play a card from your hand...

Everyone has a hand of five cards, replenished at the end of each turn. The cards are numbered, and the numbers determine turn order. The cards also set out an action. It's the actions that make the game because they variously empower players to peek at face-down toy tiles, flip them and/or swap them with toys in your own or another player's shopping cart. Since you're often moving face-down tiles, there's an element here of bluff and counter-bluff. There's also a memory element as you try to keep track of tiles at which you've peeked but which may have moved since you looked at them...

Jingle All The Way: It's Turbo Time! then is a fun family game. You play until the shelves are empty, so a maximum of six rounds (with just two players), so you can expect games to take no more than 15 minutes. Short enough for you to play through the advertising breaks while watching the Schwarzenegger movie over Christmas on a commercial TV channel :-)

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