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How Am I Weird

If you're looking for a party game to play for laughs, then How Am I Weird has you covered. The premise is super-simple and the rules so light they're barely an inconvenience. Players are each dealt a hand of eight 'Comeback' cards from the hefty deck of 390 in the standard game box. They are then all given a situation or scenario from the 100 'Life cards' in the box they present the Comeback card that offers the 'weirdest' response. The player who read out the Life card chooses the 'best' answer, and that player wins the Life card, which represents a point if you're keeping score.

Notionally this is a game for 3-10 players, tho' we reckon you need a minimum of at least four or five players to make it fun. The upper limit is really just set by the number of blank cards that are provided for players to play when they want to submit their own Comeback rather than a Comeback printed on one of their cards. And since the blank cards serve only as markers, you could easily up the player count to accommodate more than 10 players.

As with all pitching games, the fun from How Am I Weird comes from the players and the choices they make. In most cases, 'weird' actually means humorous: the player picking the 'best' answer will almost invariably plump for the funniest response. And there's an incentive to coming up with a response of your own because, win or lose, it grants you the opportunity to refresh your hand of Comeback cards.

A common concern with pitching games as, for example, with Cards Against Humanity, is that they are often NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Of course there's always a temptation to go for a risquée response of your own making, and you can't readily guard against that but, with the exception of a handful of cards that tend towards toilet humour, the cards in How Am I Weird are not inherently NSFW. If you're especially nervous about upsetting your HR Department, you might just want to flick through the Life cards to satisfy yourself that none of the potential scenarios will cause offence and to prune any that just might.

In addition to the larger version of How Am I Weird in its oblong box, the game comes in a 'square box' edition. This is exactly the same game but with fewer cards (60 Life cards, 232 Comeback cards and 8 blanks to prompt players to come up with their own comebacks). This isn't just a cutdown set of cards from the bigger box: the scenarios are different, so if you really take to this game you could mix & match or indeed combine the contents of both boxes. They are both available from Amazon.

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