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Han Mo: Hegemony in the Late Han Dynasty

The Board's Eye View team have only had a brief time with Hegemony in the Late Han Dynasty – The Rise of Heroes (aka Han Mo) from Dice Eagle Games and Trinity Tactic Games. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get in enough plays to test it out at different player counts and review the game but we can at least show it off and point you in the right direction to find out more.

Designed by A B Jack, Han Mo: Hegemony in the Late Han Dynasty – The Rising of Heroes is set in ancient China in the period known as the Three Kingdoms. It's both a wargame and an economic game as the 2-5 players vie for supremacy. During the course of play, you'll be recruiting generals and trying to gain territory but you'll need to manage the regions you control not just conquer them. It's a game where there's a lot going on!

Shown here in our Board's Eye View 360 is a preview prototype of the game produced ahead of its launch on Backerkit later this year. The Backerkit campaign will include not just the core game but four additional expansions. Click here for more details of Han Mo and to sign up for notification when the crowdfunding campaign launches.

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