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Now published by Studio H and distributed in the UK by Hachette Boardgames, Gigamons is a picking-up-doubles memory game designed by Karim Aouidad and Johann Roussel where you're trying to flip tiles that show matching pairs of cute looking 'Elemons'. A previous edition was published by Blue Orange.

You're playing in a simple 3 x 3 grid where tiles are immediately replenished, and there are seven different types of Elemon so tho' a grid might not have a pair for every monster, you're guaranteed to always have at least two pairs in the grid. And unlike most other similar Pelmanism games, there are a couple of twists...

For starters, the pairs all come with a special ability so that you don't just take the tiles you match up but you also activate their power. Polymon matches any other critter, so gives you an automatic pair whatever other tile you've flipped. Electromons let you take an extra turn. The Hydromons let you peek at any four face-down tiles without others seeing what they are. Geomons let you place a rock marker on a tile so other players can't flip it before your next turn. Floramon lets you take a tile from the draw pile. Pyromon lets you burn (eliminate) a tile previously earned by another player. Aeromon lets you switch previously claimed tiles with an opponent.

The reason you might want to switch tiles is that there's also a set collection element to the game: collect three tiles that are the same and you earn the Gigamon version of that creature - a large standee. You win the game by collecting three of the Gigamon standees or by having the most when all the tiles have gone.

With attractive art by Marie-Anne Bonneterre, this is a 2-4 player children's game that even pre-schoolers can play, albeit that two of the special powers involve 'take that' actions. It plays quickly, at around 15 minutes. Gigamons is a step up from the standard pairs matching card and tile memory games, so one that your children can progress to.

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