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Funkoverse: Squid Games

We've previously featured on Board's Eye View other titles in Funko Games' Funkoverse range. Check out our review of Funkoverse: DC Comics for an outline of how the game design by Prospero Hall works across all the range. The games all use the same core mechanics, making it perfectly possible to mix and match them in any combination you choose. Funko Games have tie-ins with several very different IPs, so you can, for example, mix characters from Harry Potter with Rick & Morty and you can introduce the classic monsters from the Universal Pictures horror movies of the 1930s. Now Funko Games have added the popular South Korean Netflix TV series Squid Games into the mix.

As with all the other Funkoverse games in the range, Funkoverse: Squid Games is a standalone game but it can be combined with any of the other Funkoverse titles. Play with just the Squid Games box and you'll probably be pitting Seong Gi-Hun (#456) and Jung Ho-yeon (#067) against Oh Il-nam (#001) and the masked 'Front Man', with additional tokens to make each team up to three. But think how much more fun you'll have adding Batman to help #456 and #067, and putting The Joker onto the Front Man's team!

In terms of special moves, it's only the Front Man in this Funkoverse game that has cards giving him extra basic actions but of course all the characters have their own specific actions triggered by placing tokens on the cooldown track. We especially like the playing arenas for Funkoverse: Squid Games - we'll definitely be using both sides of this board with other Funkoverse figures.

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