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Franky: Rock'n' Vegas

This is a pure and simple push-your-luck dice rolling game. Think of it as a novelty Yahtzee variant designed by Andreas Schmidt with art by Ronny Libor. Instead of conventional six-sided dice, in Franky: Rock'n Vegas players roll six-sided dice showing the heads and body of Frankenstein's Monster. Each of the nine custom dice has one purple head, one purple body, one green head, one green body, one red head & body, and one yellow 'lightning' face. In addition, there's a conventional eight-sided die in black and a yellow 10-sided die.

On your turn you'll be rolling all the dice, locking at least one and re-rolling the rest. To score points, you need a matching colour head and body (or just the red head die face) plus a lightning die face to activate it. A complete activated green or purple 'Franky' is worth 7 points; an activated red 'Franky' is worth 3 points. But there are a couple of further push-your-luck elements...

To score with the black eight-sided die you need to end up with green or purple heads (one or the other, not mixed) equal to the number you lock on the black die. At the end of the round, you re-roll the black die; if the new number is greater than the previous number (the number of Franky heads you've locked) then you score that number of points. If the new number is less than or equal to the number of Franky heads, you multiply the number of heads by that number to get your score. If you don't match the number of single-colour Franky heads to the number you locked on the black die, then you simply ignore the black die and you don't score anything for the heads you've rolled.

To lock the yellow 10-sided die you have to set aside the number of Franky dice equal to the number on that die. It doesn't matter what these show because none of these dice score at this point. If you end up with a number that doesn't allow you to set dice aside (because you've insufficient dice left) then you'll score zero for the round regardless of how many Frankenstein Monsters you've otherwise completed. On the other hand, if you have set aside dice to match the yellow die number then you re-roll them at the end of your turn and they score the value of the yellow die for every activated Franky.

At Board's Eye View we're always up for a dice chucking filler length game. It's often a great way to unwind after a long heavy strategy game. Bang! The Dice Game (dV Giochi/Abacusspiele) is a particular favourite because it has plenty of interaction and is topped off with a deduction overlay. Funbot's Franky: Rock'n Vegas suffers in comparison from being both too simple (there's no overlay, depth or interaction with other players) while being at the same time unduly complicated. The operation of the black and yellow dice can be quite confusing for casual players.

The push-your-luck dice game market has become quite saturated over the past couple of years with the explosion of roll & write games like Ganz Schon Clever (Schmidt Spiele/Stronghold). Franky: Rock'n Vegas really isn't in that league. To be honest, we didn't think it was quite as good as its previous incarnation Franky Reloaded (Phantastischer Raum). If you're a dice collector, tho', you might want to pick up a copy for those custom Frankenstein Monster dice.

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