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Flower Garden

You thought gardening was a genteel pastime? Think again. In Thyyen Ta's Flower Garden, players aren't just tending to their own gardens, they're also intent on sabotaging the gardens of other players.

Flower Garden is a set collection card game with Chibi-style artwork where you're trying to collect in your garden (tableau) four flowers of the same colour. In order to get flowers you need to obtain seeds and help them to grow and bloom by collecting appropriate resources (soil, water, fertiliser, coins). You can sow weeds or plant rocks in an opponent's garden in order to hamper their progress. Plan cards variously let you expand your flower bed, wilt a flower in an opponent's garden or, often crucially in securing victory, protect your garden from attack for a single turn. And to acquire Plan cards you'll need to sell flowers.

Even with Plan cards that allow you to steal from another player, it can be tough collecting four flowers of the same colour - not least because there are only four of each colour in the deck (there are 20 flower cards in five different colours, so just four of each). That means you'll probably need to call on the Queen card. This is a two-sided card that flips each time it is called into play - alternating between the Flower Queen, which counts as a flower of any colour, and the Weed Queen which generates weeds. To summon the Queen to your own or an opponent's garden, you need to sacrifice one of your flowers or pay 3 coins...

Shown here on Board's Eye View is a preview prototype of Flower Garden ahead of its upcoming launch on Kickstarter. It's a compelling 'take that' game that's trickier than it initially seems. We'll add a link to the KS campaign when it goes live.

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