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Feed Me!

If you're puzzled by the title of this solitaire maze puzzle game from Gen42, it's because the game has a notional theme about feeding candy to a creature named Chooie (not a Star Wars character). We doubt tho' that most players would give this 'theme' a second thought: Feed Me! is actually an abstract strategy puzzle game where you are releasing one or more ball bearings to drop through a 'maze' and land in specific locations at the bottom.

Designed by Yossef Sonnenfeld, the game comprises a transparent peg board with a fold-out prop so that gravity does its job when the ball bearings are released. There are 40 puzzle cards and to play you slide one of the cards under the peg board and place out the plastic 'wall' pieces indicated. If you release the ball bearing(s) now, you'll find they won't arrive in the correct compartments at the bottom of the board. The challenge is to use the wall piece(s) indicated for adding to the 'maze' so that the ball bearings arrive at the right place. In the unlikely event that you are completely flummoxed by any of the puzzles, the solution is shown on the reverse of each sheet.

The puzzles vary in difficulty and solving them involves an element of deduction as you try to work out in your head (or by trial and error) where the extra wall piece needs to be placed in order to generate the intended result. The release and drop mechanism is satisfying, and you'll find yourself coming back for more.

And when you've been through all the puzzle sheets in the box, you can have some fun creating some maze designs of your own, pressing Feed Me! into service as a 'desk toy'.

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